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Developer Tools (21)

Zimbra Notifier

6 Reviews

by postman

Set Zimbra as the windows' default mail appplication with MAPI support. Now you can use Office mail merge, send mails from Excel and others using MAP…

Downloads: 83,708 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Developer Tools, Mail, Organization, Photos and Files, Utilities

Weemo Video Calling Zimlet

2 Reviews

by Weemo

The Free Weemo Video Calling Zimlet makes video calling instantly accessible to Zimbra users from their Zimbra email box, address book and calend…

Downloads: 3,513 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Contacts, CRM, Developer Tools, Mail, Photos and Files, Social, Telecom, Utilities, Web

ZCS Package Management System

0 Reviews

by VNC

The ZCS Package Management Core provides a generic dpkg/apt-based package management facility for deployment extensions within a Zimbra ZCS instance. …

Downloads: 933 | Categories: Developer Tools, Utilities

ZAdmin: Zimbra Administration

0 Reviews

by app

ZadmiN lets you manage, monitor and administer any number of Zimbra email servers from your Android smartphone or tablet. You can easily:• View the …

Downloads: 479 | Categories: Business, Developer Tools, Mail, Organization, Utilities

ProcessMaker Zimlet

6 Reviews

by hugoloza

Use the ProcessMaker Zimlet to connect Zimbra to ProcessMaker open source BPM software suite. Set up preferences (user, password, server, and workspa…

Downloads: 3,790 | Categories: Business, Calendar, CRM, Developer Tools, Mail, Organization, Utilities, Web


11 Reviews

by Irontec

Please report bugs at kaian at irontec dot  com. Thanks in advance!     Project for integration of received mails between Zimbra and Ma…

Downloads: 1,747 | Categories: Developer Tools


13 Reviews

by amessina

A server extension to change Active Directory passwords from the Zimbra web client.   Requirements Zimbra Collaboration Suite 7.0 or later Windo…

Downloads: 1,095 | Categories: Developer Tools, Utilities


2 Reviews

by sam

A set of MS PowerShell scripts to send SOAP requests to the Zimbra server. Can be used to create an interactive command line session to the Zimbra se…

Downloads: 3,449 | Categories: Developer Tools, Utilities

About Zimbra

1 Review

by rrao

Click on the Zimlet in the left panel to see Zimbra version and also UserAgent information. UserAgent contains detailed browser and Operating system i…

Downloads: 1,568 | Categories: Business, Developer Tools, Mail, Organization, Utilities, Web