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Zimbra Gallery

Fun (44)

ZCard: Zimbra Contacts Sync

0 Reviews

by app

  ZCard is a Zimbra contacts sync client for Android. ZCard uses native Zimbra API's which allow it to work equally well on both Network and Com…

Downloads: 226 | Categories: Business, Contacts, Fun, Mail, Organization, Photos and Files, Social, Telecom, Utilities

ZTasks: Zimbra Task Lists

1 Review

by app

  ZTasks brings the full Zimbra Tasks experience to your Android smartphone or tablet. ZTasks is fun to use and comes with many powerful features…

Downloads: 630 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Contacts, Fun, Mail, Organization, Social, Utilities

Zimbra Social Zimlet

1 Review

by eranyarkon

Downloads: 621 | Categories: Fun, Social, Web

Weather in Japan Zimlet

0 Reviews

by MIRAIT Informat...

This zimlet shows weather information in Japan in miniCal area and on a dialog box.    Features: You can use your location information on F…

Downloads: 133 | Categories: Fun, Travel, Utilities, Web


1 Review

by Marat Saitov

Downloads: 439 | Categories: Fun

Weather Zimlet

11 Reviews

by stanguturi

Admin Update (7/14/2012): People have reported that the zimlet doesn't work in few cases. If you are using a zimbra desktop then, *please make sure th…

Downloads: 3,494 | Categories: Fun, Travel, Utilities, Web

Birthday Reminder

11 Reviews

by rrao

Scans your Address Book for birthdays and creates appointment reminders. With a single-click, you can scans your Address Books and display your contac…

Downloads: 4,865 | Categories: Calendar, Contacts, Fun, Mail, Organization

Coloured Emails Plus

2 Reviews

by ccs.uoguelph

This zimlet is based on the work by rrao and adapted to suit our requirements. Features: Drag and drop emails or tags onto the panel item to add colo…

Downloads: 3,119 | Categories: Fun, Mail, Organization, Utilities

Ignore Messages

3 Reviews

by rrao

Often you find yourself on message threads on topics that do not interest you. And the constant back-and-forth of messages keeps cluttering your Inbox…

Downloads: 2,136 | Categories: Business, Fun, Mail, Organization, Utilities