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Zimbra Gallery

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0 Reviews

by ekros

Do your users complain about lack of mailbox space? Zimbra does not provide a way of visualizing how the used space is distributed. Zimcleaner's aim i…

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Zimbra Notifier

6 Reviews

by postman

Set Zimbra as the windows' default mail appplication with MAPI support. Now you can use Office mail merge, send mails from Excel and others using MAP…

Downloads: 83,708 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Developer Tools, Mail, Organization, Photos and Files, Utilities

Weemo Video Calling Zimlet

2 Reviews

by Weemo

The Free Weemo Video Calling Zimlet makes video calling instantly accessible to Zimbra users from their Zimbra email box, address book and calend…

Downloads: 3,513 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Contacts, CRM, Developer Tools, Mail, Photos and Files, Social, Telecom, Utilities, Web

ZCard: Zimbra Contacts Sync

0 Reviews

by app

  ZCard is a Zimbra contacts sync client for Android. ZCard uses native Zimbra API's which allow it to work equally well on both Network and Com…

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ZDrive: Zimbra Cloud Drive

1 Review

by app

  ZDrive brings the full Zimbra Documents and Briefcase experience to your Android smartphone or tablet. ZDrive allows you to store all your file…

Downloads: 1,708 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Photos and Files, Social, Travel, Utilities

Google Drive Zimlet

1 Review

by stung

A zimlet for Google Drive integration. Allows the user to attach Google Drive documents to emails. This email requires the creation of a Google APIs c…

Downloads: 1,597 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Photos and Files

GreenRope CRM, Marketing Automation, & Business Operating System

0 Reviews

by greenrope

GreenRope is the world's first and only Business Operating System.  When your organization consolidates and simplifies sales, marketing, and oper…

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Dropbox Zimlet

4 Reviews

by jwagner

Provides integration with Dropbox for attaching a Dropbox file to a new message as well as saving attachments to Dropbox. Please see the README file a…

Downloads: 4,179 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Photos and Files

Huddle VMWare Zimbra Connector

0 Reviews

by Huddle

  By seamlessly connecting VMware Zimbra email with Huddle, the Huddle / VMware Zimbra connector enables people to collaborate intelligently from…

Downloads: 1,058 | Categories: Business, Contacts, Organization, Photos and Files, Utilities

Short URL for Briefcase

0 Reviews

by tony@qin

This zimlet is used to allow you to shorten the ugly long briefcase file URL to share with other. You can choose any of the three shorten url provider…

Downloads: 893 | Categories: Business, Commerce, Photos and Files, Utilities