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Translations (4)

Google Translator

42 Reviews

by rrao

Under the Hood Features: 1. Allows people to translate from 54 languages to 53 other languages (~2900 combination!). 2. Automatically scales to 10…

Downloads: 31,631 | Categories: Business, Commerce, Mail, Translations, Travel, Utilities, Web

Spell check language from body

4 Reviews

by lfasci

This extension determines language for spell check from the message.It installs text_cat and replaces the default aspell.php. When a user select spell…

Downloads: 4,187 | Categories: Mail, Translations, Utilities

PHP Translator Tool

1 Review

by rbach

PHP Script that helps you translate the language files Installation Instructions Copy the PHP script to the /opt/zimbra/httpd/htdocs directory. If y…

Downloads: 1,134 | Categories: Developer Tools, Translations