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0 Reviews

by ekros

Do your users complain about lack of mailbox space? Zimbra does not provide a way of visualizing how the used space is distributed. Zimcleaner's aim i…

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Zimbra Notifier

6 Reviews

by postman

Set Zimbra as the windows' default mail appplication with MAPI support. Now you can use Office mail merge, send mails from Excel and others using MAP…

Downloads: 83,708 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Developer Tools, Mail, Organization, Photos and Files, Utilities

ZeXtras Suite - Hot Backup, Mobile Sync and HSM for Zimbra Open Source Edition

10 Reviews

by Cine.ZxCommunity

ZeXtras Suite is made to expand the capabilities of your Zimbra Open Source Edition. It is packaged as a modular solution allowing you to pay only wha…

Downloads: 16,081 | Categories: Utilities

ZeXtras Migration Tool - Zimbra to Zimbra migrations, the easy way

4 Reviews

by Cine.ZxCommunity

Your server is starting to fit tight to your needs? You want to change your OS or migrate a domain from a dedicated machine to a multi-domain environm…

Downloads: 14,412 | Categories: Utilities

Weemo Video Calling Zimlet

2 Reviews

by Weemo

The Free Weemo Video Calling Zimlet makes video calling instantly accessible to Zimbra users from their Zimbra email box, address book and calend…

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0 Reviews

by chlauber

zimslabim - Zimbra to Sql Ldap Address Book Importer zimslabimp is PHP script to download one or more address books from your ZCS server and automatic…

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ThinkFree Office

4 Reviews

by thinkfree

ThinkFree Office by Hancom Inc. Now includes a ThinkFree Mobile support!  Access your documents on the go using your iOS or Android smartphone or…

Downloads: 5,449 | Categories: Business, Utilities

ZxChat - Free Instant Messaging for Zimbra 8+

11 Reviews

by Cine.ZxCommunity

The ZeXtras Chat Zimlet for ZeXtras Suite allows your users to communicate through an Instant Messaging platform fully integrated in their Zimbra Web …

Downloads: 13,698 | Categories: Business, Social, Utilities

ZCS Package Management System

0 Reviews

by VNC

The ZCS Package Management Core provides a generic dpkg/apt-based package management facility for deployment extensions within a Zimbra ZCS instance. …

Downloads: 933 | Categories: Developer Tools, Utilities