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Appointment Summary

by rrao

Every day, when you first login, this Zimlet scans your calendar and
sends out a summary email about the current day’s events.

To make it easier to read, the appointments are sorted and divided
along two simple categories:  Those that need your immediate attention (e.g confirmed or new events) and others that don’t (those you’ve marked tentative, free, out-of-office, or declined but not yet deleted).

This Zimlet helps both frequent and lite calendaring users in
different ways:

1. For power-users, this is like having a personal assistant; who
summarizes appointments for the day, providing a concrete idea as to how many meetings you have.

2. For general-users, the Zimlet helps in reminding you that there is
a meeting to prepare for (in case you’ve forgotten)


Release Notes:

- Version 0.7 fixes bug 50113

16 reviews
Downloads: 8,556
Latest Version: 0.7
Categories: Business, Calendar, Mail, Organization, Utilities
Compatibility: ZCS 6.0 or later
License: AL
Bugzillas: 50113
Created: April 06, 2010
Updated: June 01, 2012


by sposetti on May 03, 2010 for version 0.5

This zimlet really helps with planning and organizing your day.

by CAH on May 03, 2010 for version 0.5

I get a summary of daily meetings that is easy to print and take with me. This is a great zimlet!

by Andy from Zimbra on May 04, 2010 for version 0.5

This is a super handy way to automatically get a view of your day, first thing each morning.

by Mike G on May 12, 2010 for version 0.6

This give's you a head's up to your schedule for the day.

by Gonnzo on Oct 19, 2010 for version 0.7

Summarizes your daily schedule first thing every morning. Great way to stay organized and on plan.

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Older Versions

Version 0.6

Compatibility: ZCS 6.0
Created: July 14, 2010
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