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by ccs.uoguelph

This Zimlet allows you to organize your inbox in a convenient and efficient way.


- Select one or more messages to archive by month, year or sender.

- Batch archive:

  • Archive by month, year or sender.
  • Option to Export your archived messages.
  • Move the processed messages to the Trash.

- Auto archiving:

  • Upon enabling the auto archive option, it will run once a day.
  • Batch archiving options apply.

More information in the embedded link.

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17 reviews
Downloads: 7,358
Latest Version: 0.8
Categories: Mail, Organization, Utilities
Compatibility: ZCS 6.0.7, ZCS 7.1.3
License: AL
Created: September 01, 2011
Updated: February 12, 2015


by bobpoon on Sep 14, 2011 for version 2.0.2

It help ens user to Archive they old mail in easy way, but most of them are windows user, ZIP files is better I thnik.

by gvillaran on Sep 17, 2011 for version 2.0.2

This is a great Zimlet, ver usefull, is maybe a good idea to make it to support other languages, i need it in spanish but other people would need it in others aswell

Nice work

Thanks for your feedback. The Zimlet is using a properties file for the labels so you only need to add your own language file to the zip, in this case, for spanish it would be 'ca_uoguelph_ccs_archive_es.properties'.

by ccs.uoguelph on October 11, 2011

by rjv on Oct 18, 2011 for version 2.0.2

I love the idea of archiving but this Zimlet constantly creates new "Archive" folders in addition to the original "Archive" folder it initially created. This will ultimately leave me with a lot of folders named Archive2, Archive3, etc which just isn't ideal at all. This bug alone will prevent me from using it.

When the zimlet creates the Archive folder it will first check for any existing ones with the same name and creates "Archive n", but this is done only the first time, after that the created folder id is saved in the zimlet properties. If you are experiencing issues please check that the settings are being correctly saved, the property to check for is "ca_uoguelph_ccs_archive:archive_mainFolderId:xxxxx"

by ccs.uoguelph on November 01, 2011

by stephcottin on Nov 03, 2011 for version 2.0.2

when i use Archive old messages, only messages in root folder are archived ..

Howto selected sub folder ? It will be great to keep sub folder in archives ...

by awe on Nov 24, 2011 for version 2.0.2


We're using the version 7.1.2 zcs and would like to use this zimlet! But on our testenvironment we could not export the exported messages. Everthing work great but when we select the checkbox "Export messages (created a .tgz file)" it does nothing after pressing "Archive" .. 

So maybe you are not interested to use it in 7.1.2 but it will be a great idea, because there is nothing else to 'archive" messages :(


Kind regards



(if this will work you will get a 5 star rating :P )

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Version 2.0.2

Compatibility: ZCS 6.0.7
Created: September 01, 2011
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