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Attach Contacts

by rrao

Attach Contacts Zimlet - Allows you to easily attach contacts in vCard(.vcf) format from Address Book to the mail being composed.

You can attach Contacts in two different places:

  • 1. In Mail Compose window, click on "Add Attachments" dialog  > Click on "Contacts" tab and select contacts to attach, then press OK
  • 2. Go to Address Book, Select one or more Contacts and press "Send" Contacts button - This will attach those contacts and opens up a new compose window.


Release Notes:

  1. Please Note: Needs at least ZCS 6.0.8 (not 6.0.7)
  2. Version 0.5 has few more important bug fixes like compose-focus bug
  3. Version 0.4 is the latest and has few bug fixes
  4. Version 0.3 Shipped with ZCS


Downloads: 4,724
Latest Version: 0.5
Categories: Business, Contacts, Commerce, Mail, Organization, Utilities
Compatibility: ZCS 6.0.7
License: AL
Created: August 26, 2010
Updated: September 15, 2010


by Andy from Zimbra on Aug 30, 2010 for version 0.4

It's super-convenient now having one interface for adding attachments, emails and contacts.  This works very smoothly.

by unc0nnected on May 27, 2014 for version 0.5

Causes the following error in Zimbra Desktop 8:


Script Error: appCtxt.getViewTypeFromId is not a function - nodev_all.js:606

File: 606Error: TypeErrorStack:

("LOADING",false)@"onShowView",[object Array])@"onShowView",[object Array])@"LOADING",(void 0),false)@"LOADING",(void 0),false)@"LOADING")@[object
Object],null,true)@[object Object],[object Object])@"Options")@[object Object])@[object Object])@[object Object])@"SELECTION",[object Object])@"SELECTION",[object Object])@[object Object])@[object Object])@[object Object])@"SELECTION",[object Object])@"SELECTION",[object Object])@[object Object])@[object Object])@[object Object])@[object Object])@"onmouseup",[object Object])@"onmouseup",[object Object])@[object
MouseEvent],"onmouseup",[object Object],[object
Object])@[object MouseEvent],[object Object],[object Object])@[object MouseEvent])@



by tvizirov on Nov 03, 2014 for version 0.5

Just to confirm that the zimlet causes issues with ZCS 8.0.8:


1. Install zimlet

2. Try to compose new e-mail by clicking on "New Message" button.


Nothing happens after clicking on the "New Message button"


-- Disabling the zimlet made the composing possible.





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Older Versions

Version 0.4

Compatibility: ZCS 6.0.7
Created: September 04, 2010
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