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Attachment Alert

by rrao

This Zimlet alerts you when sending a message if no attachment exists. The Zimlet will search for keywords in your message (for example, "attach" or "attachment"). And if the keywords exist in your outgoing message, the Zimlet will confirm that at least one attachment exists before sending. If no attachments exist, an alert dialog is presented.

7 reviews
Downloads: 3,277
Latest Version: 1.5
Categories: Business, Mail, Utilities
Compatibility: ZCS 6.0.6
License: AL
Created: April 05, 2010
Updated: February 12, 2015


by maxxer on May 04, 2010 for version 1.5

I love this, but couldn't localize it to detect italian words :(

by tjlucia on May 05, 2010 for version 1.5

This one has saved me sending an email without the needed attachment a few times ;-)

by Pimp92a on Mar 29, 2011 for version 1.5


thanks for this extension very useful!

I would like to add some keyword to the list but I tried in the comzimbraattachmentalertproperties but it didn't works.


How can I add some keyword to the list?




Best Regards



by richard.capitanio on Apr 09, 2012 for version 1.5

when compatible with version 7 ZCS ?

by inc002 on Apr 18, 2014 for version 1.5


Just replace line code bellow into attachmentalert.js

com_zimbra_attachmentalert.properties can contain :

AttachmentAlert_attach = attach,atach,foo,bar

@@ -65,7 +65,8 @@         return;     this._attachStr = this.getMessage("AttachmentAlert_attach");     this._errorMsgStr = this.getMessage("AttachmentAlert_error_noattachment");-    this._attachWordsList = [this._attachStr];+    this._attachWordsList = [];+    this._attachWordsList = this._attachStr.split(",");     this._attachWordsRegEx = [];     for (var n = 0; n < this._attachWordsList.length; n++) {         this._attachWordsRegEx.push(new RegExp("\\b" + this._attachWordsList[n], "ig"));

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