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Birthday Reminder

by rrao

Scans your Address Book for birthdays and creates appointment reminders.

With a single-click, you can scans your Address Books and display your contact birthday information. You can review and create multiple reminders for each birthday. Multiple reminders help users schedule plans in advance of a birthday.

Reminders can be:

  1. "On-the-day-of" the birthday
  2. "1,2...7" days before the birthday
  3. "1,2...4" weeks before the birthday

This updated version of the Birthday Reminder Zimlet includes the following changes:

  • Scan entire Address Book and add multiple yearly-recurring appointments.
  • Allow users to automatically create Birthday Reminders when saving individual contacts by adding "Save & Add Birthday" button, which allows users to easily create Birthday Reminders.
  • Allow scanning of entire Address Book multiple times without duplicating already-created-reminders.
  • Ability to "Reset Birthday Reminders" Calendar.
  • Added support to quickly select and unselect all Reminders to add.
Downloads: 5,462
Latest Version: 1
Categories: Calendar, Contacts, Fun, Mail, Organization
Compatibility: ZCS 6.0 or later
License: ZPL
Created: January 09, 2009
Updated: February 21, 2012


by simonalane on Dec 09, 2010 for version 1.0

I installed this zimlet, and it seems to work well. All the birthdays are gathered and entered into a calendar.

The only problem is that it interprets UK dates in the US format. This means that dd/mm/yyyy is interpreted as mm/dd/yyyy. A birthday that occurs on 12th April therefore occurs on 4th December etc.

Also, is it possible to collect birthdays from shared calendars? I couldn't see how to make that happen.

by florianh on May 29, 2011 for version 1.0

Seems as if this nice zimlet isn't working anymore in the 7.x series. Will there be an update?

by hb9hfm on Nov 21, 2012 for version 1


I have the same issue as Simonalane.

I correct the "bug" with the following change in birthdayreminder.js

diff -e ../birthdayreminder.js.ori birthdayreminder.js488c                var normalizedBD = this._normalizeDate(tmparry[1],  tmparry[2], tmparry[0]);.

347c        var birthday = this._normalizeDate(tmparry[1],  tmparry[2], tmparry[0]);.

After this change and new installation, the zimlet work fine on my 7.1.4_GA_2555.RHEL5_64

Best Regard and many thanks


by hb9hfm on Nov 21, 2012 for version 1


After a birthday change in the contact, i run the script again and display me the old birthday Date.

After a Logout/Login, the birthday date was displayed correctly.

Best Regards


by alexey_isg on Nov 30, 2012 for version 1

Are the zimlet work well on ZCS 8.0 ? I have this one, and I see no happened anything after I press "Scan Address book scan" :-(

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