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Calendar Scheduler

by satishs

Smart Scheduler Zimlet which can suggest a meeting time based on free/busy status of attendees and search criteria. Schedules an appointment based on a drag-and-dropped message and will auto-add attendees and display their free/busy status for a week.

Downloads: 20,673
Latest Version: 1.0_6.0.0.20100507.092039
Categories: Calendar, Organization, Utilities
Compatibility: ZCS 5.0.23, ZCS 6.0.6, ZD 2.0
License: AL
Created: May 07, 2010
Updated: June 01, 2012


by aitormartinezva... on Jul 30, 2010 for version 1.0_6

Great work! It works fine. Thanks.

by jstillwa on Aug 10, 2010 for version 1.0_6

No support for changing the calendar, thus assistants can't schedule for the busy people that need this Zimlet. :( Otherwise, 5.

by NOZIL on Sep 05, 2010 for version 1.0_6

This feature appeared in the schedule tab when creating an appointment and shoul be present in the zimlet.


Filled a enhancement request for this



And also added one for the comment jstillwa made.


by dbenza on Sep 16, 2010 for version 1.0_6


this Zimlet is just great and we love it !

In the Search Scope panel, the word 'From' have been translated in French with the word "Expéditeur".

But in French, the word "Expéditeur" means the "Sender" of an email, not the start time of the Search Scope... in this context "Expéditeur" is a non-sense.

The correct word in French to translate "From" on this panel should be "De".

Could you correct this ?

Best regards,

by dbenza on Dec 14, 2010 for version 1.0_6


As I said before, this Zimlet is just great :)

Zimbra Desktop 2.0.1 has just been released and the Zimlet seems to be non working with it. I created a bug in bugzilla :


Thanks for your wonderful work !


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