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Coloured Emails Plus

by ccs.uoguelph

This zimlet is based on the work by rrao and adapted to suit our requirements.


  • Drag and drop emails or tags onto the panel item to add coloured label.
  • The entries list displays a preview of the colours set for each email or tag.
  • Double click on a listed setting to edit.
  • Delete multiple entries at a time.
  • Ability to set a default colour to be used by all messages that don't have a particular colour setting in place.
  • Automatically set colours for all the addresses in the mailbox.



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Downloads: 3,562
Latest Version: 1.3
Categories: Fun, Mail, Organization, Utilities
Compatibility: ZCS 6.0 or later
License: AL
Created: August 19, 2011
Updated: February 12, 2015


by soba@ukw.edu.pl on Sep 16, 2011 for version 1.3

Invalid attr value - zimbraZimletUserProperties value length(1862) larger then max allowed: 1024


When we have more than 1024 entries we get the error message in Zimbra 

by ploeger on Jun 17, 2013 for version 1.3

Please see https://github.com/Zimbra-Community/adopted/tree/master/ca_uoguelph_ccs_coloredemailsplus for a version compatible with 8.x!

by Oscar on Jan 29, 2015 for version 1.3

this zimlet, coloured_email, does not work on zimbra 8.5 wich other zimlet can I use to organize my emails.

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