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Contact Cleaner

by admin

Is everyone you know, in your address book? Odds are you have duplicates from somewhere. The Contact Cleaner Zimlet will check your address book, and help resolve the duplicates

You must be in the Address Book tab to use the zimlet. Click the Address Book tab and then double-click the Zimlet panel icon.

7 reviews
Downloads: 3,570
Latest Version: 1.3
Categories: Contacts, Organization, Utilities
Compatibility: ZCS 5.0, ZCS 6.0
License: ZPL
Created: December 23, 2009
Updated: April 07, 2010


by aitormartinezva... on Jul 30, 2010 for version 1.3

Hello. It works fine in ZCS 6.0.7.

It would be a nice feature allowing to customice the label string in other languages from a .properties file like other zimlets do.


by sangamc on Dec 20, 2010 for version 1.3

There were a couple of weird issues with the results showing in IE8 on my windows 7 and in firefox on my iMac, but other than that it works quite well. Since i just did a major migration, this plugin helps clean up address books so my clients stop complaining and requesting we switch back to <redacted> :)

by pamindic on Dec 21, 2010 for version 1.3

I haven't  been able to get this to find a single duplicate, either from my CSV imported contacts list or from deliberately created duplicates.

version = zdesktop_2_0_1_b10659_linux_i686

by eeeeeeeli on Dec 25, 2010 for version 1.3

I can't get it to find anything either - despite the fact that there is quadruple duplicates of all contacts.  And I'm suspicious zimbra is the original cause!

by danhs on Jan 14, 2011 for version 1.3

If it works at all it's only for *very* narrow use cases (ie name and email address exactly match).


Total garbage.


This makes Google's contact duplicate merging program found in gmail (which isn't *that* good) look like a masterpiece of software engineering.

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