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Dropbox Zimlet

by jwagner

Provides integration with Dropbox for attaching a Dropbox file to a new message as well as saving attachments to Dropbox.

Please see the README file as this Zimlet requires registering an app with Dropbox in order to make it work.  Also if your server is behind a proxy you'll need to put in your proxy info in the dropBoxDownload.jsp.  

Please report issues at https://github.com/jwagner79/DropboxZimlet as this is zimlet is not supported by Zimbra. 

This Zimlet currently only works with Zimbra 8 Ajax client.

This Zimlet is not affliated with Dropbox.

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Downloads: 5,408
Latest Version: 1.3_6.0.0.20130305.092800
Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Photos and Files
Compatibility: ZCS 8.0 or later
License: AL
Created: February 06, 2013
Updated: March 11, 2013


by Andy from Zimbra on Feb 12, 2013 for version 1.0_6.0.0.20130211.090303

Very useful to be able to add/save files to/from Dropbox

by pieralessandro on Feb 13, 2013 for version 1.0_6.0.0.20130211.090303

Thanks a lot for this great zimlet.

It works very well and it's extremely useful in sending large attachments.

by MKersloot on Feb 28, 2013 for version 1.0_6.0.0.20130211.090303

A bit a hassle to setup, but after that it works great.

MKersloot, thanks for your tanslations and code contributions to the GitHub repository!

by jwagner on March 05, 2013

by timmcneely on Aug 03, 2013 for version 1.3_6.0.0.20130305.092800

Not sure how to trouble shoot this one. Seems like it would be a great zimlet.


An error occurred while initializing the zimlet "com_zimbra_dropbox". Please notify administrator.


TypeError: appCtxt.getViewTypeFromId is not a function

by Muziekfan on Jan 01, 2015 for version 1.3_6.0.0.20130305.092800

Installed this on Zimbra 8.6.0. GA
It does not show up in the user interface under Zimlets.
For a second a new item showed up with cryptic name, then it disappeared.
Could be incompatible with 8.6

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Older Versions

Version 1.1_6.0.0.20130304.083411

Compatibility: ZCS 7.0 or later
Created: March 05, 2013
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Version 1.0_6.0.0.20130211.090303

Compatibility: ZCS 7.1.3
Created: February 12, 2013
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Version 1.0_6.0.0.20130205.103734

Compatibility: ZCS 7.1.3
Created: February 06, 2013
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