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by rrao

The Evite Zimlet integrates your Evite events into your Zimbra calendar.

Right-click on the Evite panel icon and save your Evite login information (username and password). Then click Calendar application tab and you will see a new "Evite" calendar populated with Evite events that you have created or you are invited to.

This Zimlet also demonstrates the use of Web Services and the interaction with Calendar application of Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS).

Downloads: 1,636
Latest Version: 1.4
Categories: Calendar, Organization, Social, Utilities, Web
Compatibility: ZCS 6.0.6
License: AL
Created: February 21, 2007
Updated: September 04, 2010

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Older Versions

Version 1.1

Compatibility: ZCS 4.0, ZCS 4.5, ZCS 5.0, ZCS 6.0
Created: April 07, 2010
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