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Folder Backup

by lfasci

This zimlet allows you to save locally on your PC, message or folders. Just drag the message or the folder on the zimlet's icon to get a compressed file containing the selected message or folder.You can also choose the folder to download clicking or double clicking on the zimlet iconThe file will be saved in a zipped file named ad date-foldername.zip or date-message-subject.zip

6 reviews
Downloads: 7,258
Latest Version: 2.0
Categories: Mail, Utilities
Compatibility: ZCS 6.0
License: AL
Created: September 21, 2010
Updated: September 21, 2010


by rabeloy08 on Jan 06, 2011 for version 2.0

need help...how to restore the folder that been backup....

Simply use the import in user preferences

by lfasci on January 11, 2011

by kaupz on Jan 31, 2011 for version 2.0

it makes *.zip where inside is *.eml file.

and it works with Zimbra Desktop 2 !


i wish i had straight *.eml file download capability.

by ScottChapman on Apr 06, 2011 for version 2.0

I noticed when I downloaded a folder with a lot of email, it actually created multiple subfolders.


For example I backed up a folder called Inbox/Cycling


What was in the zip was:





by gcarelli on Apr 13, 2011 for version 2.0

Working fine so for, but I can't understand why in the world it splits some subfolders into ex:




What is the criteria? It is definetely not folder size.

You, developer, please help, otherwise I am not sure I can put this in a production server.


by kuda on Jun 15, 2011 for version 2.0

Hi, works in Zimbra 7? I can download a folder but when I choose just a single message nothing happens ....

I use it on zcs 7.1.1 and works well with folder, message and conversation which version are you using ?

by lfasci on June 17, 2011

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