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Force Read Receipt & Auto-Accept Read Receipt

by rrao

Lot of companies want to force enable read receipt so that all the emails will ask for Read Receipts and get confirmation. At the same time, it also becomes annoying if employees have to manually "Accept" read receipt every time they read an email.

This Zimlet marries the best of both worlds. It enables "Ask for Read Receipt (of emails I send)" and it also enables "Automatically Accept Read Receipt Request (for emails I receive)" options of Zimbra. So companies can now enforce the policy w/o annoying employees.


Downloads: 3,709
Latest Version: 0.1
Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Utilities, Web
Compatibility: ZCS 6.0
License: AL
Created: September 01, 2010
Updated: September 04, 2010


by evaldohc on Dec 22, 2010 for version 0.1

Melhor seria se tivesse opção de forçar apenas dentro do dominio. Perguntar quando email recebidos de outros dominios.

It would be better if it had option to force only within the domain. Ask when mail received from other branches.

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