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by ploeger

This zimlet listens for the hotkey CTRL-SHIFT-G and pops up a date selection
box. The user can either choose a date using a mini calendar or manually enter
the date.

After clicking OK, the calendar application is activated and the specified
date is shown.

This is much faster than using the arrow-buttons in the calendar application.

Please use the Zimlet's GitHub-Repository to report any issues.


v1.1 (20120507):

  • [#2] (bug) Doesn't work on Chrome

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Downloads: 1,842
Latest Version: 1.1
Categories: Utilities
Compatibility: ZCS 7.1.3
License: BSD 2-clause license
Created: April 03, 2012
Updated: September 01, 2013


by lockhartt on May 02, 2012 for version

With the removal of Zimbra Assistant from 8.0, this extension is going to be a savior for our meeting and marketing folks who are constantly planning and scheduling 1-3 years out!

by prokennexusa on Mar 27, 2013 for version 1.1

Simple and works as designed, thank you!

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Compatibility: ZCS 7.1.3
Created: May 04, 2012
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