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Google Translator

by rrao

Under the Hood Features:

1. Allows people to translate from 54 languages to 53 other languages (~2900 combination!).

2. Automatically scales to 109 x108(~11,800 combination). Google continuously adds support for newer languages and the Zimlet is designed to automatically include them when they become available.

User-level Features:

1. 1-click in-body translation:

When a user gets an email in a language other than what the Zimbra is set to, they can now press "Translate" button to instantly translate it. Google's new api automatically figures out the from-language and the Zimlet automatically passes the to-language based on what is set in Zimbra's Preferences. The result of the translation swaps the email-body with new text.

2. "Read Side-By-Side" Button

By pressing the Read Side-By-Side button in the Translation-toolbar, user can read both original and translated emails side-by-side!!

3. From and To language menus:

If you change the language in these menus, they will automatically run a new translation.

4. Reply, Reply-all Forward Translated email:

As long as the translation widget is active or open,
reply/replyAll/Forward all automatically include(prepend) the translated text to the email being composed.



PS: Version 4.0 uses Google's V2 API as Google has made this paid API starting Dec 1st. To use this, you need to specify Google API KEY.


To purchase Google API key:

  1. Login to Gmail
  2. To understand billing: go to  http://code.google.com/apis/language/translate/v2/pricing.html 
  3. To pay, go to https://code.google.com/apis/console#:billing  (this is the "billing" link in the pricing.html page)
  4. .. this will take you to their billing console. Use credit card and pay & enable Billing.
  5. Click on API Access tab & you will see API KEY 

PS: It looks like this API key could be used for many paid-apps (not sure).


Steps to update Zimlet:

  1. Unzip the Zimlet say to ~/tmp/com_zimbra_gtranslator
  2. Open config_template.xml
  3. Enter your Google API here: <property name="GOOGLE_TRANSLATE_API_KEY"></property>
  1. Zip the Zimlet back..
    • ~/tmp/com_zimbra_gtranslator/zip -r com_zimbra_gtranslator.zip *
  2. Install the Zimlet



Release Notes:

- version 4.1 fixes bug 69352

- version 4.0 Add support for API V2 (this  supports Google's PAID API)

- version 3.3 fixes bug 50143

- Version 3.2 bug 50879 fix

- Version 3.0.1 Bug 49969 bug fix

- Version 3.0 is same as 2.5 + bug 49313 fix + version# fix.

- Version 2.5 is a total rewrite of the Zimlet and supports all languages that Google supports and more.

Downloads: 31,326
Latest Version: 4.1
Categories: Business, Commerce, Mail, Translations, Travel, Utilities, Web
Compatibility: ZCS 6.0.6, ZCS 6.0.7, ZCS 7.0 or later, ZCS 7.1.0, ZCS 7.1.3, ZD 7.0 or later, ZD 7.1.3
License: ZPL
Bugzillas: 49969, 50879
Created: February 08, 2007
Updated: January 20, 2012


by amravit on Jun 19, 2010 for version 2.0

can you please add arabic to english and english to arabic

by j2b on Jul 01, 2010 for version 2.0

Can you please give additional info on translation pair settings? Google does translations in more languages, that available in Zimlet. Can we do it by ourselves?

by jurgen on Jul 13, 2010 for version 2.0

Can you please add

English to Dutch, Dutch to English, German to Dutch, French to Dutch, Spanish to Dutch 

Is it possible to do this myself?


by GregA on Jul 29, 2010 for version 3.0

Very useful to get the 1 click translation; I've found it very accurate and also like the side by side view.  Nice work

by aitormartinezva... on Jul 29, 2010 for version 3.0

Great work! It works fine. Thanks.

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Compatibility: ZCS 6.0.6, ZCS 6.0.7, ZCS 7.0 or later, ZCS 7.1.0, ZCS 7.1.3
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