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0 Reviews

by ekros

Do your users complain about lack of mailbox space? Zimbra does not provide a way of visualizing how the used space is distributed. Zimcleaner's aim i…

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Weemo Video Calling Zimlet

2 Reviews

by Weemo

The Free Weemo Video Calling Zimlet makes video calling instantly accessible to Zimbra users from their Zimbra email box, address book and calend…

Downloads: 3,513 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Contacts, CRM, Developer Tools, Mail, Photos and Files, Social, Telecom, Utilities, Web

Save replies in the folder of the message being replied to

0 Reviews

by micle_smol

This small zimlet moves send (replied or forwarded) messages to the folder with original message. Works with shared folders to. It's now known ussie w…

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Zimbra OpenPGP Zimlet

2 Reviews

by Hivos

Demo video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_lMZlQY3S2lNXJfUjlrMU1faXM/edit?usp=sharing Adding PGP support to Zimbra Collaboration Suite, curre…

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Asterisk PBX Integration Zimlet

10 Reviews

by chlauber

The main focus of this Zimlet is dial-on-click for Phone numbers inside Contacts and Emails. Uses Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) Dial on-click in C…

Downloads: 6,861 | Categories: Contacts, Mail, Telecom

Salesforce Zimlet for Zimbra 8.0+

9 Reviews

by rshah

This is updated version of the previous salesforce zimlet. This version of zimlet works on 8.0.x and 8.5 beta version of Zimbra. Zimlet automatically …

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ThinkFree Office

4 Reviews

by thinkfree

ThinkFree Office by Hancom Inc. Now includes a ThinkFree Mobile support!  Access your documents on the go using your iOS or Android smartphone or…

Downloads: 5,449 | Categories: Business, Utilities

LibraESVA Zimlet

0 Reviews

by apenduzzu

LibraESVA Zimlets allows users to interact with the LibraESVA anti-spam. The features: list mail blocked release mail blocked add/remove person…

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ZxChat - Free Instant Messaging for Zimbra 8+

11 Reviews

by Cine.ZxCommunity

The ZeXtras Chat Zimlet for ZeXtras Suite allows your users to communicate through an Instant Messaging platform fully integrated in their Zimbra Web …

Downloads: 13,698 | Categories: Business, Social, Utilities

Request read receipt

1 Review

by cristo_ups

This zimlet allows user to automaticaly request a read receipt for each mail sent. Available languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portugues (B…

Downloads: 9,958 | Categories: Mail