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O3Spaces Zimlet for ZCS 6.0

2 Reviews

by geertjan

The O3Spaces Workplace Zimlet extends the Workplace e-mail integration functionality onto the popular open source E-mail and Calendaring solution, Zim…

Downloads: 1,382 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Mail, Utilities


0 Reviews

by rrao

Searches the Amazon.com site for books based on the ISBN identifier. Double-click on Amazon Zimlet panel icon to display a search dialog. Type any s…

Downloads: 1,406 | Categories: Commerce, Fun, Web

Blogs To Signatures

5 Reviews

by rrao

Automatically converts your company's blog posts into email-signature and helps dramatically improve quality and quantity of your blog's reach by demo…

Downloads: 1,545 | Categories: Business, Commerce, Mail, Organization, Web

Drag-and-Drop Attachments

22 Reviews

by sraj

The Zimbra Drag and Drop Zimlet allows users of Zimbra Collaboration Suite to drag files directly from the desktop to the Mail Composer.   Suppor…

Downloads: 17,692 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Utilities

Search Highlighter

2 Reviews

by rrao

This Zimlet Highlights the search text using Yellow background after a search. We think this is extremely helpful especially when we are dealing with …

Downloads: 2,986 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Web

Holiday Calendar

11 Reviews

by rrao

This Zimlet comes with 25+ country holiday calendars (courtesy of ical.mac.com). Click on the Zimlet panel icon and Subscribe to one or more holiday c…

Downloads: 7,643 | Categories: Business, Calendar, Fun, Travel

Google Maps

6 Reviews

by bcsantos

This Zimlet brings Google Maps to your ZCS installation. Previously, deployment of a Google Maps zimlet was complicated by the requirement of a Google…

Downloads: 7,518 | Categories: Mail, Travel, Web

Tasks Reminder

7 Reviews

by rrao

Once a day (after first login), this Zimlet searches for Tasks (including shared Tasks) and displays a list of all Tasks that are overdue, in-progres…

Downloads: 4,329 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Utilities


0 Reviews

by rrao

You will be surprised how many sites exist on the Internet related to *your* topics of interest. This Zimlet adds a Discover! button to the toolbar an…

Downloads: 1,301 | Categories: Fun, Web

Package Tracker

7 Reviews

by KevinH

Track UPS and FedEx packages with a single click. This Zimlet will highlight UPS and FedEx tracking numbers in email messages. When you click, you are…

Downloads: 2,017 | Categories: Business, Commerce, Mail, Travel, Utilities, Web