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Social Zimlet

by rrao

Zimlet that brings all the Social goodness of Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Tweetmeme etc to Zimbra.

Here are the feature highlights:


  • Multiple Twitter Accounts
  • Post, retweet and read Tweets
  • Twitter Trends
  • Mark Tweets as read
  • Automatic Twitter Saved Search
  • Automatic URL Shortner
  • Follow users
  • Check profile
  • Check latest Direct Messages
  • Check Mentions
  • Check Sent messages


  • Monitor your facebook wall
  • Comment on posts
  • Check out all comments for a given post
  • Check out who liked the post
  • Ability to 'Like' Posts
  • Retweet facebook post to twitter and vice versa


  • Check out all the hot topics from Digg in about 8 categories (automatically sorted by popularity)
  • Check out Top in 24 hours among all topics
  • Retweet your favorite Digg to Facebook and/or Twitter

Twitter Trends

  • Check out and monitor Top 10 Twitter Trends any time
  • Retweet Twitter Trends
  • Follow users you like from Twitter Trends


  • Check out urls that are hot and being retweeted between twitter users
  • Retweet Tweetmeme Tweets (to facebook or twitter)

Social Zimlet

  • Automatically shorten's urls the minute they are typed or pasted into the update field (using bit.ly)
  • User can choose to turn off automatic url shortening for any reason and turn to manual mode
  • User can move Feeds' cards to order it how you like
  • Auto saves card positions
  • Auto saves feed's closed/displayed information
  • Auto saves Facebook and Twitter update checkbox information
  • Automatically updates Feeds every 8 minutes
  • Automatically updates feeds about 4 seconds after a post is done (to get real time feedback)

Social Zimlet Preferences

  • User can Increase or decrease the width of the Zimlet(Very small(300px, small 350px, all the way to website mode(600px)
  • User can choose to display Digg, Tweetmeme and Trends at the beginning
  • User can configure # of Tweets to return
  • User can configure # Twitter Search result to return

Social and Zimbra Integration

  • Send Social mail with twitter updates (once a day)
  • Show Tweet Alerts (every 30 minutes)
    Show 'Socialize' Toolbar Button in Mail app

Socialize Toolbar Button in Mail:

  • Select a RSS feed or mail and quickly tweet or facebook it( we show a dialog with mail's subject and feed-url)
  • Allows you to tweet or facbook your thoughts directly from mail app


  • Turn ON Social Zimlet from Preferences
  • Click on Zimlet tab and Use "Add/Remove Accounts" in overview panel to add Twitter and Facebook accounts
  • Use Preferences within the Zimlet to customize


Release Notes:

Version 3.7: Has several bug fixes.

version 3.5: IMPORTANT UPDATE -  Updated to use OAuth2 for Facebook. After October 1st, Facebook no longer supports prior authentication mechanism, so if you have older version of the Zimlet, please install this version. Also, you will need to delete old Facebook account and re-add it using new mechanism.

Version 3.1.2: Has basic support for VMware's Socialcast & has few more bug fixes.

Version 2.8 has many bug fixes, translations into many(20) languages and also allows pagination of feeds. This is the one that's shipped by default with 7.0.1 as well but works for 6.0.6+

29 reviews
Downloads: 32,632
Latest Version: 3.7
Categories: Contacts, Mail, Organization, Social, Utilities
Compatibility: ZD 2.0
License: ZPL
Created: September 30, 2009
Updated: February 07, 2012


by GregA on May 03, 2010 for version

There's no need for a dedicated social media client; much more convenient to use this and have my accounts with me on any computer via a browser interface.

by vmahajan on May 04, 2010 for version

This zimlet is my favorite client to use twitter from. Lots of cool features. And just a tab away in my Zimbra Desktop!

by Andy from Zimbra on May 04, 2010 for version

A great way to quickly glance at your social networks without leaving your email program.

by simonfishley on Jul 20, 2010 for version

Apologies. This is not a review but there is nowhere to send a support request. I installed the zimlet on the server successfully on 6.07, and enabled it in the default COS and in my user account but nowhere do I see any option in preferences to enable the social zimlet.

Any advice appreciated.




by dlah on Sep 17, 2010 for version

Any hope for Reddit support?

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Older Versions

Version 3.5

Compatibility: ZCS 6.0, ZD 2.0
Created: October 01, 2011
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Version 3.4

Compatibility: ZCS 6.0, ZD 2.0
Created: September 08, 2011
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Version 3.1.2

Compatibility: ZCS 6.0, ZD 2.0
Created: August 16, 2011
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Version 2.8

Compatibility: ZCS 6.0.6
Created: March 09, 2011
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Compatibility: ZCS 6.0.6
Created: June 28, 2010
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Compatibility: ZCS 6.0.6
Created: May 27, 2010
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Compatibility: ZCS 6.0.6
Created: May 26, 2010
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Compatibility: ZCS 6.0.6
Created: May 24, 2010
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Compatibility: ZCS 6.0.6
Created: May 20, 2010
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Compatibility: ZCS 6.0
Created: April 08, 2010
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