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by tdesorbaix

The StarXpert:Save Zimlet save emails or conversations onto the local drive, with or without attachments.



PLEASE NOTE : in order for the zimlet to work properly, you must follow the installation documentation carefully


The zimlet is designed to do the following:


  • save one or several emails through drag'n'drop
  • save one or several conversations through drag'n'drop


The zimlet parameters can be set up as follows:


  • save in html ou text format
  • save conversations or only the last message
  • save emails included in the trash or not
  • select headers to be saved
  • save emails in a single folder without attachements, or save in a zip archive with attachements included
  • save attachments or not


Any comment or suggestion is welcome!

Downloads: 5,831
Latest Version: 1.3
Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Utilities
Compatibility: ZCS 5.0 or later, ZCS 6.0 or later, ZCS 7.0 or later, ZCS 8.0 or later
License: Not specified
Created: June 19, 2008
Updated: April 17, 2015


by adx442 on Jun 30, 2010 for version 1.0

The extension does exactly as it says it does.  You must follow a few simple directions to set up the server properly to support it (clearly stated in the instructions provided with the zimlet), but it's only 2 minutes worth of commands and a server restart.

Works on multiple messages, zips the messages and attachments in one file, saves as attractive HTML when possible (if desired) with the From/To/Subject/whatever fields you like added to the top of the message.

It just works.  Thanks to the author for updating it for Zimbra 6.0x!

by Lovecat on Jul 06, 2010 for version 1.0

This zimlet works fine with my ZCS 6.0.4

I just had to follow the install doc, test the zimlet, update my users COS to activate this new zimlet.

Now my users can save their messages and attachements with two clics.

Simple and

Good job from StarXpert dev team !

by spot on Jul 06, 2010 for version 1.0

Works like a charm, but I miss one great feature that has been there in
the previous release: The possibility to drag'n'drop complete folders on
the Zimlet generating a ZIP file of all e-mails in it.

by peter_peter on Jul 23, 2010 for version 1.0

I am worried about those manual changes. Did someone experience some side effects? Right now, I am using this zimlet only on my test zimbra installation, but I want to go to production.

For information, the installation just apply the recommendations from the wiki for the use of zimbra's jars in the zimlets :

by tdesorbaix on November 17, 2011

by postman on Sep 15, 2010 for version 1.0

Very handy zimlet to store emails

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Compatibility: ZCS 5.0 or later, ZCS 6.0 or later, ZCS 7.0 or later
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