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Tasks Reminder

by rrao

Once a day (after first login), this Zimlet searches for Tasks (including shared Tasks) and displays a list of all Tasks that are overdue, in-progress, etc.

This list is shown only for Tasks that are due 2 weeks (14 days) from today's date. And will continue to show a Task for 2-weeks past due-date. This date range is configurable.

You can also "Send Email" about a Task which helps with follow-up.

7 reviews
Downloads: 4,074
Latest Version: 2.3
Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Utilities
Compatibility: ZCS 5.0, ZCS 6.0
License: ZPL
Created: June 20, 2009
Updated: June 04, 2010


by aknoerig on May 11, 2010 for version 2.3

by gaetan on May 24, 2010 for version 2.3

you have to rename it deleting the _0 to make it works

by tkurth on Nov 08, 2010 for version 2.3

Nice to have, no installation issues with ZD 2.0, and works very well for me.

by jeyraud on Mar 29, 2011 for version 2.3

I'm using Zimbra Desktop 2.  How do I get the app to provide a reminder for Tasks in my main Tasks folder?

by georgiacmt on May 06, 2011 for version 2.3

This is a great little Zimlet that makes the Tasks feature in Zimbra genuinely useful.  One small tweak that would make it even better would be to add a print button to the popup reminder list.  Since the reminder is displayed only once a day, on first login, the option to print it extends its usefulness.  Thanks!

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